Fan Earrings

Summer 2017 has been a fun one for jewelry. Tassels, pom poms, and fan-shaped earrings. I fell in love with these made by the ever so talented MusingTreeStudios. Girlfriend kicked it with folded tin at the top and worn leather at the bottom. Love the creativity and interesting use of materials. Snag them and some of her other gorgeous pieces. I’ve long loved her shop.

leather fan earrings, tin earrings

Then I saw these crochet fan earrings made by PashaBodrum and fell in love with them as well. Again, it’s the interesting use of materials that captivated me.

crochet fan earrings

Even if you make jewelry, it’s a lovely thing to collect beautiful pieces like these from talented artisans. I know how to make many, many different types of jewelry, but still love collecting gorgeous pieces from other jewelry makers.

Now, down to brass tacks for the DIY’ers out there. I’ve got metal folded circles that you can use to make your own fan earrings. I used embroidery floss and the ever-useful E6000 to make the sample in the photo.

fan earring findings, half circle earring component, diy fan earrings


You can use thread, lace, ribbon, torn fabric strips and other items to complete your earrings. I tied the bundle of thread together in the middle so I didn’t have a lot of loose pieces to mess with, used a toothpick to put the E6000 into the shell and then used the toothpick to push the threads in.

So whether you buy or DIY, I think fan earrings should definitely be in your summer jewelry plans.





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