What a difference a day makes…

About this time Tuesday, I got the news that Etsy Pattern sites can have listings that do not appear on Etsy and do not have to be handmade, vintage or supplies. This news seems to have a lot of people rethinking their options.

I mean, for $15.00 a month, list as many items as you want, they never expire, an integrated blog, Mail Chimp integration, and now this; it’s looking pretty sweet.

So, last night, I created a Pattern site for my Charlene Sevier jewelry shop and this is my very first item that is not Etsy legal, but is definitely Pattern legal.

large boho hoop earrings, tribal hoop earrings, turquoise and gold earrings

I’ve long wanted to curate a line of jewelry and maybe other small accessories that included items I loved, but didn’t actually make. I mean, one girl can only do so much, right? Like having my own accessory boutique, but virtual, online only.

I have been in the process of reworking my jewelry shop. I think it needs to be updated and given a fresh new look. The supply shop got so busy that I had to let some things go out of sheer necessity. Over the past few months, I’ve been able to spend time on it again, but it is slow going at times. Being able to augment what I can make with carefully selected items purchased wholesale and offered at great prices could give the shop a remake a lot faster than I could have otherwise done.

The timing of this announcement is good too I think. There’s still plenty of summer left; the 4th isn’t here yet. And there’s time to prepare for the holidays that always get here way too fast.

So, upward, onward and beyond I go.




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Jewelry Photo Backgrounds

green tassel earrings, tribal post earrings

Green tassel earrings with handmade ceramic beads and tribal posts

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I have never felt I got the backgrounds for my jewelry photos exactly correct. I see all of these beautifully done photos streaming by on Pinterest and I wonder, where do they get the items they use as backgrounds. I have tried many things over the years. Close, but no cigar.

In the meantime, I have been lusting over the backgrounds that Anthropologie uses. I think they are gorgeous and serve as the perfect backdrop; adding texture and dimension, but not taking away from the jewelry. Where did they get them? I google searched and searched. All to no avail…

The photo above uses backgrounds that are my latest attempt. I bought several cheap art canvases from the craft store – different sizes and thicknesses. I also bought craft paint in neutral colors – grays, tans, off whites.  All matte finish; no shiny or glossy paints.

paint for jewelry backgrounds

I dabbed the paint on with the sponges you see here. I figured worst case, I could paint them over and over until I got something I liked. Sure, they don’t look like Anthro’s, but I think they look pretty good and they have worked very well for me.

And the earrings. Let’s not forget them. They feature handmade ceramic beads made by the wonderful Midnightcoiler, along with tassels and bumpy earring posts from my supply shop.





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Mikos Fantasy Jewels

boho earrings

These gorgeous boho earrings are the creation of Susan Thompson. Her Etsy shop is MikosFantasyJewels. Susan lives in Florida and describes her style as unique and eccentric.

Miko was Susan’s beloved tabby cat and the shop name is a tribute to Miko. Take a moment and look at the lovely designs in Susan’s shop. I’m always so pleased when customers share their work with me. Thanks so much Susan.

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Tiered Tassels

colorful tassels, jewelry tassels, tiered tassels

Colorful tiered tassels for jewelry making and crafts

I got these three tier tassels for the supply shop thinking that they were really pretty, but not knowing how customers would react to them. Well, the response has been fantastic. I started with four colors and when those sold well, I added all the colors you see above. And I’ve got four new colors on the way.

So what are people doing with these lovely darlings?

Oscar de la Renta is pairing silky tiered tassels with beaded earring posts and selling them at $450.00 a pop.

tiered tassel earrings

Not to be outdone, Anthropologie has them too for a mere $108.00. And all they did was add earring hooks.

blue long tassel earrings

I’ve got the tassels and as always, I’ve got a nice selection of earring posts that work very nicely with the tassels.

yellow flower earring posts

These with the yellow and orange tiered tassels perhaps?

blue rhinestone earring posts

Or maybe these with the blue tassels. Whichever way you decide to go, have some fun with this wonderful little trend.


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That Girl

That Girl

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