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Natural Copper

I work with many natural materials, but most of the time they are not in their natural state.  They’ve been formed into beads, holes have been drilled into them, or they’ve been made into metal sheet or wire.  So, it … Continue reading

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Coppery Tones

I think copper has always been a beautiful choice for jewelry and in these times of high metal costs, it remains an affordable option.  I do use sterling silver and gold-filled metal in my jewelry, but also use copper, brass, … Continue reading

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Tab Settings – Continued

After my first attempt at tab settings, I wanted to explore it more, try setting different objects, play a little.  Here are the next few attempts from my experimentation.  I set the triangular button first – still a little bit hesitant.  … Continue reading

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Coloring Copper with Heat

Texturing metal gives it a lot of character and interest.  Adding variations to the color of metal does as well.  I have always had an interest in the coloring and patination of metal and hope to take a class in … Continue reading

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Cat Bead Bracelet

There was a period of time when I made several pieces of jewelry featuring cats.  Mostly necklaces, but also some bracelets and earrings here and there.  One of the stores that carries my work had customers who really liked cat … Continue reading

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Cobalt and Copper

These two colors love each other and always will.  I use a lot of silver and gold toned metals, but every so often turn to copper.  It has a warmth and richness that is very appealing and in certain cases … Continue reading

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Purple and Copper Bracelet

I finished the bracelet using the textured copper piece I wrote about earlier.  My instincts were to use purple beads in the bracelet and that’s what I ended up doing.  Sometimes designs veer off in unexpected directions, this time it did … Continue reading

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