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What a difference a day makes…

About this time Tuesday, I got the news that Etsy Pattern sites can have listings that do not appear on Etsy and do not have to be handmade, vintage or supplies. This news seems to have a lot of people … Continue reading

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My Artistic Voice

There are so many different types of jewelry that I just love and admire.  And it is hard not to want to make them all.  I mean, they are just so gosh darn pretty.  It’s hard not to want to. … Continue reading

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Really it is the work…

that is the answer.  Really, that is where it all lays.  What I have found out is that through the work, through the simple act of taking raw materials and making something, things come into focus. Shutting out the noise … Continue reading

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Using the Coins, at Last…

One of the items on my big, huge, giant, tall list was to use coins as connecting elements in a necklace.  I’ve got a small but nice collection of coins from various places.  But for the life of me, no … Continue reading

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Bold Statements

According to MillionLooks, bold statement jewelry will be hot for fall 2010.  Statement jewelry, whether bold or quiet, and handcrafted jewelry go hand-in-hand, since many artisans like myself, seek to make something original, expressing their creativity, and giving the wearer … Continue reading

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Natural Copper

I work with many natural materials, but most of the time they are not in their natural state.  They’ve been formed into beads, holes have been drilled into them, or they’ve been made into metal sheet or wire.  So, it … Continue reading

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Smocked Jewelry

As soon a I saw this jewelry, I knew I had to share it with you.  It is unusual and I think very beautiful.  I’ve always thought of smocking as a detail used in children’s clothing – primarily dresses for … Continue reading

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