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Cool Tools

Making jewelry from metal sheet means drafting or sketching the items out on paper first.  Templates can be very helpful in this process.  However, most of the ones I’ve seen are either basic geometric shapes or shapes geared towards office … Continue reading

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Powerful. Win.

I like a certain mint and it comes in a little tin.  Once the mints are gone, the tins just don’t look like something that should be thrown away – they look useful, they look open to the idea of … Continue reading

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The Hammers in Lower Metals

One thing I really like about Penland’s metal studios are the abundance and availability of tools and equipment that many of us may not have access to in our own studios or workshops.  This is the rack of hammers in … Continue reading

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Texturing Metal

I love working with metal and just finished making the little copper piece shown here.  I made it by cutting out two copper squares, filing them, and then soldering them together.  I textured the smaller square using the ball end of my … Continue reading

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My Pliers

These are my pliers – I use them for beadwork, wirework, and metal.  When I first starting beading, I only had two pair of pliers and one cutter.  Over the years, as I sought to learn new techniques or finish … Continue reading

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Hammering out the Details

If you’ve read my blog, you know that I am exploring and learning to work with metal.  I’ve learned how to solder and am also learning to work with many tools including hammers. I can remember picking up a tool … Continue reading

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