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Rhinestone Drop Earrings

  OK, rhinestone drop earrings might not be my best earring name yet (especially since there are 7,996 earrings that come up in a search on Etsy), but it’s what I’ve got. The bottoms are pieces snipped from a rhinestone … Continue reading

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Winged Things and Dark Nights

Is it wrong to buy a six-pack of beer because you like the bottle top?  I’m thinking no because that’s exactly what happened here.  I saw the unicorn and thought it was so pretty that I bought a six-pack.  I … Continue reading

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Mosaic Pendant

I have always loved mosaic jewelry and received my first piece of mosaic jewelry – a pair of hear earrings – from my Aunt Margaret when I was a teenager.  I still have them – they also have little flowers … Continue reading

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Jewelry – Trashonista Style, Vol 1

I love the creative and resourceful people who consider themselves to be trashonistas.  They see such potential in things other people consider to be trash.  One I’ve been noticing for a while is UrbanWoodsWalker.  First of all, how could you … Continue reading

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Seeing Things Differently

A really long time ago, there was a period when I made themed pins – school, beach, garden, etc.  I enjoyed it, but then moved on to different styles.  Fast forward to the present and one of the things I … Continue reading

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Key 1139

In addition to jars with buttons and coins, I also have a jar with keys.  Why I’ve kept the keys – I really don’t know because I have no idea what they go to.  But, like buttons and coins, keys have … Continue reading

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Tin is In

To quote the talented Marlene True – “Tin is in and good as gold.”  And she’s right.  Tin is a great resource for jewelry making.  It can be cut, filed, and drilled using regular jeweler’s tools.  Tin that is painted … Continue reading

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