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Real Cake

Today I baked a cake to help a friend.  She is trying to raise funds for a worthy cause.  I enjoy baking but don’t do it often – holidays mostly.  But, I wanted to help because she is a dear and … Continue reading

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I Need to do Inventory

I have been putting it off for at least two weeks.  I love to buy beads, but it also takes pieces and parts like those above to turn beads and other items into finished jewelry.  I am running low and … Continue reading

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Necklace of Four Purses

I got it done and this one is for me.  The third piece I made for myself in 2008.  And I am very happy with it.  I have not seen anything remotely close to this so I am interested to … Continue reading

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A Torch is a Girl’s Best Friend

It was not always that way.  For years, I wanted to learn how to solder.  I could not find a class in my area and the classes I could find were one night a week over 6-8 weeks in cities other … Continue reading

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A Gift

A friend of mine bought this bracelet for her daughter whose favorite color is orange.  Her wrist is larger than the size I originally made the bracelet, so I enlarged it at no additional cost to her.  We also gift-wrapped … Continue reading

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All of the Above

I just got back from Trader Joe’s and as I was leaving, I was struck by the diversity of people there – shopping, walking in, heading out.  They were beautiful –  different ages, sizes, ethnicities, shapes.  Their hair and clothing … Continue reading

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Me Last

These items have been sitting in a bag for almost a year now.  Sitting and waiting to be made into a fabulous necklace for yours truly.  At times, I can neglect myself when it comes to jewelry.  There are so … Continue reading

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