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Various Stages of “Started”

Most of us have tendencies in how we work, ebbs and flows, preferences, routines, needs for more or less order, whatever works for us.  For a long time, I worked in a very linear manner.  I started a piece and … Continue reading

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Not much jewelry today…

I got my taxes done and that was just about it.  I have a fairly simple life.  I work, I pay what they say I owe.  Nothing more complex than that.  But still, it takes time, precious time, to file … Continue reading

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Making Coins

I’m designing a necklace and I wanted to hang five silver coins along the front of the necklace.  I use actual coins quite a bit, but for this necklace I wanted to make the coins.  I wanted coins that looked … Continue reading

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Flower Pins

Flowers are everywhere this spring – pins, necklaces, earrings, and on clothing.  And why not, flowers are just plain pretty.  But, just because you’re wearing a flower pin like this one, doesn’t mean you can’t wear other pieces of jewelry. … Continue reading

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From Nora

My dear friend Val visited recently – we talked and laughed into the night.  She brought this pendant with her and asked if I would design a necklace for it.  It was a from the jewelry collection of her friend … Continue reading

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Mini Vacation

I spent the weekend in Virginia Beach, VA enjoying a wonderful and much-needed mini vacation.  I didn’t take any beads, but did take my laptop, some wire, and a few hand tools.  How wonderful it was to wake up on … Continue reading

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Ready for Spring

It has been such a harsh winter for so many of us – record snowfalls and cold, cold winds.  So, when Artbeads asked me to write about something with spring in mind, I was all too happy to do so. … Continue reading

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