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Masai Wedding Necklace

This Masai wedding necklace is part of my personal collection and it has been a much loved treasure for years.  A professor from a local university traveled to Africa as part of a project she was working on.  While she … Continue reading

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Found Object in Blue

In my city, there is a little bit of waterfront that yields wonderful treasures.  It’s not really a beach.  It’s more like an area with rocks and tall grasses near some warehouses and office buildings.  Over the years, I’ve managed … Continue reading

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Cardigans are Everywhere

I am cold-natured so the first nip in the air sends me running for something warm.  This fall, cardigans seem to be everywhere and I love how well they work with jewelry.  Layering is still a strong trend and cardigans … Continue reading

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Everything Old is New Again

I was watching TV the other day and saw an actress wearing shoulder duster earrings and I thought to myself – are those coming back again?  I remember in the late-80’s when shoulder duster earrings hit the scene.  They were … Continue reading

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The Gemstone Chrysocolla

The blue/green beads in this necklace and the small teardrop stone in the pendant are the gemstone chrysocolla.  It’s a gemstone I was not familiar with until recent years, but now love using.  It’s a gemstone that is beautiful and … Continue reading

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A Story of Left-handedness and Jewelry

I’m a lefty, and we lefties know we live in a right-handed world.  Growing up, at least at home, that was not the case.  In addition to me, my mother and three of my siblings were left-handed.  Only my father … Continue reading

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Happily Hooped

Hoop earrings have always been fun and I love seeing women showing their flair through hoop earrings and other types of jewelry.  Some women keep it small with their hoop earrings and others take it big.  Still others go super-size … Continue reading

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