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Luscious Blue Pearls

That is really the word to describe these pearls.  They are just fabulous.  I got them this week and could not wait to use them.  Each pearl is about 10mm and the strand just felt rich and substantial in my … Continue reading

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Silver Beads

One of the things that has happened over the last several years is an explosion of different types of silver beads.  When I first started making jewelry, the choices were pretty much sterling silver or silver plate.  The sterling silver … Continue reading

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In a Green Mood with Touches of Blue

I would say, until the last month or two, I have had this curiously strong attraction to green and also to aqua and turquoise to lesser extents.  Whenever I would decide what to work on next, I would look through … Continue reading

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Annealing Metal

This is a basic skill in metalworking that took me a while to understand.  I read about it in books and articles about metalworking and did not get the point.  I mean, why not just get on with whatever needed … Continue reading

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Miniature Purse Pins

I don’t make pins very often, but once in a while, I will.  I have always loved miniatures and one day decided to try making miniature beaded purses.  Part of the fun for me was just figuring out how to … Continue reading

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Two Faces with Birds

I saw these polymer clay face beads and couldn’t resist buying them – the crazy hair-do’s, the facial expressions – I loved the whimsy.  The pendant I made with them is really a tassel, one with a very long top … Continue reading

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Coloring Copper with Heat

Texturing metal gives it a lot of character and interest.  Adding variations to the color of metal does as well.  I have always had an interest in the coloring and patination of metal and hope to take a class in … Continue reading

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