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Variations on a Theme

Over the past few months, I’ve been exploring beaded earring components created using square stitch (my favorite bead weaving stitch, at least for now).  I’ve posted about a pair of purple teardrop earrings and the gorgeous Adriana earrings.  The ideas … Continue reading

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Yazmine Necklace

I made this necklace to accentuate the brown ceramic face bead.  I must admit, I’ve had the face bead a long time.  It took a while to develop a vision of where to take it in a piece of jewelry.  … Continue reading

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Bench Pin

This is my bench pin.  This is where most of the action takes place when I am doing metalwork.  The style I have slides onto a metal bracket that is attached to my work bench.  When I want to solder, I … Continue reading

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Silver Tangles

Lengths of sterling silver wire were looped around to create silver tangles or knots at the bottom of these earrings.  For whatever reason, working with metal has made working with wire seem less intimidating, so I’ve been doing some experimentation … Continue reading

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I Have Come a Long Way

when it comes to jewelry photography.  The funny thing is, back when I was taking bad photos, I didn’t even know they were bad.  I took them to have historical documentation of my work.  I’m glad I have them especially because … Continue reading

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Fields of Blue Flowers

These earrings were inspired by the little blue glass flower beads.  I had seen them and just liked them and envisioned creating earrings that used the flower beads in clusters.  It took a few attempts to get the underlying beaded … Continue reading

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Gallery Shops

A day or so ago, I took jewelry to the gallery shop at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center to restock and freshen the items I have there.  I spent some time talking with the shop manager and our conversation turned … Continue reading

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