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Bead Palette

I am making progress on the leaf jewelry I am designing.  The process of making the leaves has been worked out in copper and I am now transitioning to silver. I want to use beads with the silver leaves and … Continue reading

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Buy Handmade

As someone who makes handcrafted items, I appreciate the time and care that most artisans put into their work.  I enjoy adorning myself and my home with lovely handcrafted items whenever I can. This winter, I really wanted a cowl or … Continue reading

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Pink Bracelets

I made this bracelet and a friend loved it and purchased it.  Then her daughter saw it and started borrowing it.  Then a co-worker saw it and said – “give this to me for Christmas”.  My friend said “no”. She … Continue reading

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Beads on the Move Again

Heading out to Raleigh, NC in a few days and beads will of course be going with me.  I was so excited to finish the shadow box pendant and sketched out ideas for other pieces in the same theme but … Continue reading

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75 Daffodils

We are doing some landscaping and had a plan drawn up for the entire yard.  It will probably take three years to get everything in, but we have started.  One of the first purchases was 75 daffodils.  The ones I … Continue reading

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Found Objects

Found objects, like the green piece of tile in this necklace, are fun to work with and inspire creativity.  This piece was found on a local beach and has a smooth, matte finish much like beach glass.  I created the … Continue reading

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A Week of Artichokes

Tuesday evening we cooked shrimp, artichokes, and red onions on skewers on the grill.  I had never eaten grilled artichokes before and they were delicious.  We cooked enough for a couple of meals.  I can remember being slightly afraid of … Continue reading

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