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Star and Moon Bracelet

I’m still working hard to expand my metal skills and this is one of my newest creations.  I remember the early days of learning to saw metal – I could barely cut a straight line at that time.  I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Jewelry – Trashonista Style, Vol 1

I love the creative and resourceful people who consider themselves to be trashonistas.  They see such potential in things other people consider to be trash.  One I’ve been noticing for a while is UrbanWoodsWalker.  First of all, how could you … Continue reading

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Sterling Silver Jewelry Care

It’s a fact of life – sterling silver tarnishes or darkens with exposure to air.  Many jewelry designers take advantage of this fact using the darkening in crevices to accentuate a design, but oh how I wish we could stop … Continue reading

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Project Runway – Movie Genres

I love this dress by Nicolas Putvinski illustrating the science fiction genre with a gorgeous ice queen.  The detailing around the neck is very sculptural and references both earrings and a necklace in its silhouette.  I also love that the … Continue reading

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Embellished Tops and Necklaces?

I used to hear that if you had a top with a lot of embellishment or ornamentation, you should stick with earrings or a bracelet as accessories.  Or, if you wore a necklace, it needed to be something tiny.  I’m noticing necklaces being … Continue reading

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Beaded Muse 2 – My Entry

I realized I had not shared my entry for the Beaded Muse 2 contest or how I did.  The Beaded Muse is a contest where all participants get the same package of beads to use in their creation.  The beads … Continue reading

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I Heart Handmade Fall Show

I’m participating in the I Heart Handmade seasonally inspired handcrafted market.  The online show runs from September 19th through October 17th.  As always, it’s a nice show with a variety of crafts persons and artisans.  There’s whimsical art, homemade candy, … Continue reading

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