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Texturing Metal

I love working with metal and just finished making the little copper piece shown here.  I made it by cutting out two copper squares, filing them, and then soldering them together.  I textured the smaller square using the ball end of my … Continue reading

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Lavender Button Pendant

I love beads, but buttons are cool too.  And there are so many wonderful ones to choose from.  I keep most of my buttons in a glass jar.  I think most houses have a button jar, box, or metal tin … Continue reading

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Pink Bracelet Trilogy

This is the third pink bracelet I’ve posted.  The first was made for a friend and after her daughter borrowed it a time too many, she ordered a pink bracelet for her daughter.  I made this one because I was … Continue reading

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What are these things?

These are called bead stops, they may have other names as well, and they are incredibly useful.  You pinch the ends, the coil opens up, you slide a piece of beading wire or thread into the coil and release the ends.  … Continue reading

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Purple Teardrop Earrings

If you saw my previous post, I selected some materials inspired by the purple teardrop beads used in these earrings.  In my mind, I saw a sophisticated pair of dangle earrings that made the purple beads look elegant.  I chose to … Continue reading

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Purple Teardrop Beads

I just finished a piece of jewelry and was ready to start the next, so I went rummaging through my beads to see what struck my fancy and I noticed these lovely purple teardrop beads.  I thought they would be … Continue reading

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Yin and Yang

I was inspired to make this bracelet by the Yin Yang beads.  They are made of carved and painted wood and I think they are just beautiful.  I especially like that they have an ethnic look to them and enjoyed … Continue reading

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