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Fern Earrings

I’ve been of two minds here lately – on one hand I’ve been making larger, chunkier ethnic eclectic pieces and I am so in love with them. On the other, I’m equally enamored with a series of pieces based on … Continue reading

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And so it begins…

Two of my friends and I have embarked on a collaboration project and I am very excited about it.  First, because I’ve wanted to collaborate with other artists and have tried at times, but my attempts never fell on fertile … Continue reading

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Love and Commitment

Shiny new stuff and things from the past, the sweet simplicity, the deep complexity of walking through life with another person… These are some of the concepts I tried to capture in this necklace, starting with an old key attached … Continue reading

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In Concert

This evening I attended a concert in which my boyfriend played with his group.  And wow, did they do an awesome job.  The music was just beautiful, it was well attended, and I enjoyed just seeing him play – alive, … Continue reading

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Button Earrings

I love playing in  my button jar and finding ways to make jewelry using buttons.  Button jewelry can be colorful and fun, buttons can also be used to make jewelry more contemporary and sophisticated like these earrings.  I like the … Continue reading

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Star and Moon Necklace

I love it when a plan comes together – don’t we all?  In designing this necklace, my goal was to use a bit of tin from a box a friend gave me.  Once people know you can work with tin, … Continue reading

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Personal Style

This is one of my favorite pictures of my father.  This picture was taken in Florida – St. Petersburg I think.  My oldest sister and I were living in Tampa at the time and our parents came to visit for … Continue reading

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