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Texturing Metal

Adding texture to metal gives it such interest and depth.  Smooth metal polished to a high shine has its beauty too, but at least for now, I am drawn to textured metal.  I’m enjoying the exploration of different methods to … Continue reading

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Like many people, I have jars containing buttons, keys, and coins – some from my country and some from other countries.  Jars filled with these items are just friendly and you want to pour them out and sift through the … Continue reading

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Thank you, Marlene True

In the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time working on prong settings, truthfully somewhat tense in getting the prongs done.  I would make the prongs, prepare the base, and use my center punch to make a little indentations … Continue reading

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Romance, Attitude and Crystals

The folks at Swarovski just don’t quit.  It seems every time you turn around they are introducing new colors, shapes, and designs.  They are always gorgeous and you can count on consistent quality.  I was browsing around on (bead … Continue reading

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Loving Long Earwires

I use commercial earwires for many of my earrings but find that I am moving towards using handmade earwires more and more.  I especially love the long ones like those shown here.  They are relatively simple to make and add … Continue reading

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Anticlastic Raising – My First Attempt

When I studied at Penland in 2008, I saw people creating bowls, bracelets, chokers, and other items from a flat piece of sheet metal in a process called raising.  The results are beautiful and have a special feel to them … Continue reading

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Not a Success Only Journey

When we are reaching, stretching, pushing our limits, we make mistakes, have problems, and stuff happens.  I don’t like this anymore than anyone else, but I know that if I never experience problems and mistakes then I am playing it … Continue reading

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