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Where I live, winter can show a quiet color palette – gray, black, brown, white, clear. The leaves have fallen and except for the evergreens who proudly show their color, the trees who have lost their leaves offer graceful bones … Continue reading

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Bead Soup – My Partner

My bead soup partner is Cory of Art with Moxie. As soon as I knew who I was paired with, I went to find out as much about her as I could. I saw her Flickr photostream first and just … Continue reading

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Leafy Bead Caps

There was a time when I barely used bead caps. For those of you that might not make jewelry, they are components, usually metal, that cover part of a bead, adding a decorative touch. I think the reason I didn’t … Continue reading

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My Classmates

It’s been wonderful meeting Kate and Andrew. It has also been a treat to meet my classmates. Here are pictures of three of them. They’ve all been playful, kind, creative, and just sweet souls. And excellent company. Some are new … Continue reading

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Ornamentea Loot

I realized I never posted the things I got at Ornamentea. And since more beads and goodies are on the way, these deserve a little bit of blog runway. So, here they are. I had to get some of the … Continue reading

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Today I received splendor

and gave freedom. Andrew had two creative tasks for us today.  For this one we each had a slip of paper and he asked us to write a single word on it.  We did as instructed.  He then asked us … Continue reading

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A Discussion on Splitting Threads

During dinner last night, talk turned to bead weaving. And what kind of thread people used. There were those that used Fireline. Those using C-Lon and Nymo. Then we started talking about whether or not we dealt with loose ends … Continue reading

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