The Acting Up Earrings

These did. They acted up. I was rummaging through my beads and saw the light blue teardrops and wanted to use them. I saw in my head an arrangement where they cascaded down like raindrops or teardrops on one side. I drew a serious blank on what was on the other side. Hard core, serious, no ideas blank. Like should I put these blue beads up and forget about the whole thing blank.

I laid them on a piece of white paper and thought, just draw what you want beside them. Doesn’t matter if you have it, just draw it. And in the moment of laying them down to draw, the idea came to use sari silk wrapped in wire and a few beads for the other side. So there we are. I don’t like all the acting up and being diva-licious and stuff, but I am totally digging on the earrings. These are going in the shop. I want to make some for me too.

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2 Responses to The Acting Up Earrings

  1. Love the earrings. Where do you buy your sari silk?

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