Tower Base

I am taking Deryn Mentok’s and Sharon Tomlinson’s Towers and Turrets class. It’s an online class where they have demos videotaped and they answer questions in a forum type setting. It has just been plain fun. I did not need more to do or more classes but I got all sucked in by the pretty pictures. I have another class coming up in March and after that I seriously need to go on class restriction and spend some time developing the skills I’ve learned.

This is the base for the castle tower piece I am building. I did the soldering work on it today and now need to make the bezel and get it soldered down. This is a wayyyyyyyyy different type of soldering that what I am used to. Having the solder intentionally show  is different. Working at lower temps and not needing to pickle is also different. That’s what allowed me to add the little bit of rhinestone.

Anyway, here’s where I am. Off to do various and sundry stuff for the work week ahead.

Damn, when I went to snag the link for the class, I saw more classes….

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